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We will be the partner in the development of technical solutions you need!


We provide you the best design and manufacturing of added value technologies and equipment. NVATEC will meet all your expectations with turn-key solutions that are flexible for the needs of each client.

The personalization of our services is adjusted to the requirements of your market. At NVATEC, we pride ourselves in our prompt delivery time.




- Production lines: Development and construction of fully automated assembly / production lines for different industries.

- PLC / PC software development: PLC and PC software development to control the most diverse processes. We work with the most respected brands in the market and always develop according to the needs and expectations of our customers.

- Industrial robotics: Integration of robots from the main brands for the most demanding applications on the market. We develop robotic solutions from the simplest pick-and-place to the most demanding assembly and / or screwing systems based on 2D / 3D vision.

- Industrial vision: Development and application of 2D and 3D vision systems.

- Electrical panels: We develop all electrical engineering and construction of the electrical panels of our equipment.

Quality inspection equipment: We develop test and inspection equipment for components / assemblies, especially using 2D and 3D vision, as well as tightness and LASER measurement.

- Industry 4.0: We developed application to connect our machines to the people. Our main objective is keeping people and machines connected.


  Dies and Stamping Tools  

Our production department has the capacity to execute diversified metalwork. We build welded structures in the most diverse materials and with the most diverse shapes, always according to the specifications of our client.

- Metal cutting and stamping tools: development and construction of progressive tools or transfers to sheet stamping, namely plates with high elastic limit.

- Tube forming tools: Development of press tools or special equipment for tube forming.

- Special molds: development and construction of molds for the application of carbon fibers.



- EDM Wire: We perform wire cutting to the dimensions 600x400x350(zz) with 4 axis.

- 3 axis CNC machining: We perform machining by 3 axis CNC milling machine up to dimensions 1800x800x600 mm (xxYYzz).

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Standard Equipment
After Sales & Warranty

  After Sales & Warranty  

In engineering there is no room for error, and for that reason all our services / products come with the guarantee that they will be adjusted to your needs and specifications, as quality and detail are not a promise, but a reality.

We can also assure you that, after the sale, we give all our support in training, perfecting and adjusting your product to the future needs of your industry.


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+351 234 092 468

Rua da Paz,
Aveiro Park Business Center, Armazém 4/18
3800-587 - Taboeira, Cacia

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Nelson Antunes

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Nelson Antunes

+351 918 080 448



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